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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Irony of It All!

I'm thinking of writing a piece on 'invertising' and 'polarising', 2 things we based our business on. Australias 'Corporate Watchdogs' have not been happy with the way have attempted to give value to our Brewtopia customers using these 2 methods and offering them a right to own the company before we published a disclosure document.

Our lawyers advised we were within the law to do what we did, but because we don't have deep pockets and I've got better things to do than argue with galoot bureaucrats, we've had to change all the wording on the benefit to the customer on the site, so we can avoid not insignificant fines for Corporate Breach.
(In fact ASIC wouldn't talk to us directly, they insisted they deal only with our lawyers, to ensure we rack up some tidy legal bills on top of all the other bullshit)

Irony is beautiful thing though! They don't want us to pre advertise an offer for shares or have anyone show any interest in applying for shares, so here's what they asked us to do:
Send an email to all of our database, saying that they CAN'T apply for securities yet until we have a prospectus! Which on the basis of the feedback we have from that email to our members has been the best advertisement ever - we have reams of emails asking to be sent the prospectus as soon as its off the press! Better results in fact than ANY gear we've ever put on the site... !

God I love this country!


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