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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Boozeletter 29 July

This is where the Blowfly Boozeletter is supposed to be

But I wrote it, and it was pure shi*te. Bad enough that even the wife gave it the thumbs down, so I’ve aborted the mission this time around.

However, here’s the latest on Brewtopia, because many of you want to know just what the buggery we’re up to. So here it is. In Telegram Style.

Brewtopia IPO Happening

Details of Prospectus on website soon

Your last chance to get a piece now of it now (exclamation)

Read nice IPO article here as proof we not lying (another exclamation),39023166,39198845,00.htm

Need distributor to get into USA (Stop) Really (comma) it’s pis*sing us off (Stop)
Send email to if you can help

Member of the week is Ace Flockhart (Stop) Just for having grouse name(Stop and exclamation)

Get Rid of any unused Budget for end of year (Stop) BUY CUSTOM BEER (Stop) Custom Orders received before end of week get beer for $50Stop and smiley face)

Our New Brewery now operational(Stop) Next Brew is from it(Stop)

Sorry, its bad to end a sentence on a preposition isn’t it

Brewtopia supplied beer for Big Brother (Stop) It’s our fault they are all dozey dipshi*its this year(Stop)

Brand new templates on beer builder (Stop) Have a crack

Interview with Brewtopia boss here (Stop)

Sign up for new weblog (Stop) Put link into aggregator

Give your thoughts ideas love letters and comments below

Right, back to work for you

Love the Brewtopia Boys

Stop It

No really stop


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Matt Hendry said...

anything I can Do to Help on the US front Liam

At 12:35 AM, Blogger Dennis Howlett said...

There's a ton of microbreweries in the US - start at Denver Co. They do some mean beers there. Mosey on down towards San Francisco...

At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Matt Hendry said...

Denis I recomned the Saranac Brewing Company in Upsate New York who do plenty of contract brewing just like Blowfly gets the beer done for them at the moment (soon the beer will be from Brewtopia's own Brewery) , where I 'borrowed' the Make your own label idea from and passed the idea onto Liam.


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